Consultancy services that may enhance
the practical benefit of Xafir’s services

Development of strategy and values

Xafir’s XPS system performs optimally when a strategy is clearly defined. Most organizations have a formulated strategy; however, it is often appropriate to conduct an operational update of the strategy. Xafir can assist in this process.

Definition of professional competencies

The XPS system is delivered without extra costs and includes a number of personal competencies, which will be defined based on the organization’s strategy and values. XPS does not include professional competencies. These may be defined in cooperation with Xafir.

Training in conducting appraisal interviews

The effect of appraisal interviews depends on the sparring partner/coaching skills of the employee’s manager. Xafir can provide management training in this area if necessary.

Preparation of relevant on-the-job development activities

Practical exercises are the most efficient, in particular when developing personal competencies. Xafir has vast experience in identifying/developing relevant on-the-job activities that support the personal competencies, on which the organization is focusing. A catalogue of relevant development activities supplementing the competence evaluation is recommended.

Development of an HR strategy

XPS could be the core of the organization’s HR strategy, assisting in developing the HR strategy and integrating XPS into the other HR activities to form a unified whole.